Sunday, February 24, 2008

Prize Winning Crumble!


Last Friday, we had a 'Cultural Day' at work. I've never come across a cultural day back at home in England, but over here in New Zealand (and Australia, for that matter) they seem quite big on them. I suppose it's because there's so much diversity of nationalities in these two countries. We all had to dress up in clothes native to our country and take in a regional dish as to where we were from too. I chose to make an apple crumble! I used to often make this dish as an omni, but a couple of weeks ago was my first attempt at veganising it (which was fairly easy, just the substitution of vegan margarine for butter!). It was absolutely delicious, and tasted just like it always had! Crumble has always been my absolute favourite dessert, and as apricots are in season over here at the minute I decided to make it using apricots (instead of my usual apple and raisin).

Apricot crumble

It was in fact so successful, that I decided that this is the dish I would take to work to represent England in the cooking competition! I made it with apples this time though. However, even from the start of making it, it just didn't seem to go right this time! I didn't have quite enough flour left, but I forgot to change the measurements of the other ingredients, so I ended up with a with a mixture that didn't crumble quite right! However, I persevered and when it came out of the oven, it looked alright so I decided to take it into work. My boyfriend tried it fresh out of the oven and proclaimed it fine, so I took it to work the next day to serve up to my coworkers.

However, it wasn't until all the dishes had been judged that I finally sat down with a piece of the crumble myself. I was completely disappointed, it was no where near as nice as it normally was! In fact, I couldn't even eat it all (which is really saying something for me!).

So you can imagine my suprise when later in the afternoon, I got called up by one of the judges, and handed a runner up prize! I had come in second place, and one of the judges proclaimed my crumble as "the best crumble she had ever tasted!" I was absolutely over the moon; I'd never won anything before! And I know it's only second place but... imagine how I'd have done if my crumble had been on top form that day! ^_^

Apricot crumble plate


Bonnie said...

I'm sorry the crumble didn't turn out the way it was supposed to when it's usually so good - but if it still won a prize, then that's saying something about how good that recipe is! Congratulations on winning the second prize. :) maybe you should make it again, the original way, and take it to work. Then they'll be even more amazed than they were this time!
It all looks delicious to me.

VeggieGirl said...

Hey, just goes to show that everyone's tastes are different; and thankfully the judges recognized the SENSATIONAL taste of your crumble!! Looks wonderful to me!! Congratulations on the prize, and remember that you can always try to make the crumble again, the perfect way :0)

vegan addict said...

i think that crumble looks very lovely! thanks for the sugar crystal suggestion, i will be trying that as soon as i find some time!

i noticed you mentioned new zealand in your post, where are you living there? i lived in new zealand for a year, and gosh, i really miss it! such awesome people and beautiful scenery!

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Hey Emma,
I actually am lucky enough to be able to find Soyatoo soy whipped cream at my local Whole Foods grocery store. I have no idea if it is available to buy in England… so I looked it up for you, and I found it online at, and they ship to the UK :o). Here’s the link if you’re interested:

Oh, and many, many congrats on the crumble award (even if you didn’t like it lol)!